Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 64

Essay Example The resultant contrasting views portray China as one rapidly growing superpower with the largest economy. On the hand, this view regards China as a brutal and authoritarian regime that is a threat to the economies and geo-stability of the western industrial world (Peerenboom, 2007).This study analyzes China’s modernization to assess if it is a threat to the west or a model to the rest in the context of its legal system and the rule of law. The two conflicting views are directly parallel to any existing literature on the rules and laws of modernization and economic development. The positive view of China’s modernization presents China as a paradigm for the gradually developing nations and the envy of other industrialized countries that are busy catching up with its high growth rates; in this globalization era. The second view criticizes this modernity as a challenge to the dominance and legitimacy of the so-called western states. This criticism is in relation to free markets economic policies, constitutional democracy, rule of law, human rights interpretation and governance. The subsequent sections of this study analyze the two views separately to establish the legal perspective of China’s modernization. According to a majority of people, China has enjoyed a wave of tremendous growth over the past decades and has done this without the influence of the rule of law or the rights of property. This success rate puts a question on why other countries found in Euro-America should go ahead and spend millions of dollars in an effort to promote the rule of law and governance. This perception is because not only do the developing countries like China assume the World Bank proposed rule of law, but they also assume the preexisting harms that extract the same legal rules would do. China has faced a lot of blame for not considering and dealing with the legal issues that concern property ownership and conflict resolution. Consequently, this means that any attempt

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